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When you decide to buy Benders’ walling stones, you are making an especially good choice. For whichever walling system you choose, you can be sure you will be adding a little extra beauty to your garden and that it will give you many years of pleasure.


With almost 60 years in the industry and working with the material we know so well, we have constantly developed new walling products and finally ended up with outstanding walling stones and the market’s widest range.


Does selecting a walling system feel difficult and complex? Well, no matter which system you choose from our range, you will get a first-class wall. Thus, we help you focus on your wishes and the considerations that should guide you. Which types of walling system are available to you? Which walls can you build? Here, on our concept page, we go through the solutions we offer and guide you to building the right wall.

An explanation of our walling terms

Are you going to build a freestanding wall or a retaining wall? Is the wall going to be low or high or, perhaps, straight or curved? The questions can be many and, depending on your garden, there may also be certain conditions that you have to take into consideration. However, no problem! In an explanation of our walling terms, we help you sort out what you really want and need.

Wall Calculator

Use our Wall Calculator to find out how many walling items your wall needs. Benders’ Wall Calculator gives an estimate of how many walling stones and accessories you need for your wall.

The man behind the products

In his role as design and product developer, Per Englund has been an ideas fountain at Benders for 50 years. At our latest product meeting, he presented no less than six new product proposals. Meet the man behind most of Benders’ paving stones, slabs and walling stones. Read the entire interview with the man behind the landscaping products.

Benders’ Mega series

Mega is the name we use for our walling systems and accessories with a cut front. The series offers many different designs. There are also some differences in function. However, common to all the products is that they go well together. All the walling stones in the Mega series have some form of locking system that makes it easy for you to build stable, attractive walls. Read more about Benders’ Mega series.

Wall building tips and tricks

There is nothing as tiresome as a wall that starts to bulge after a few years. Using these general rules, you are assured a wall that will remain attractive long into the future. Benders’ information is free and is not to be regarded in the same way as, for example, an authoritative construction drawing. Nonetheless, the information is of great use in all relevant building projects. Take a look at our wall building tips and tricks.

Decorative walling accessories

Our walling accessories have their place in any garden. They are also what you need for creating the complete, outdoor environment. See our range of decorative walling accessories.