Decorative walling accessories

Our walling accessories have their place in any garden. They are also just what you need for creating the complete, outdoor environment!

Our walling accessory range includes beautiful and practical offerings such as railings, copings, and door posts.

Railings (fences)

For a beautifully fenced off area, complete your wall with the market’s most attractive railings. Our range includes a classical, wrought-iron railing and a modern steel railing.

Bender Royal

Our classical, anthracite grey, wrought-iron Royal railing is made in four-metre sections. There are two heights to choose from – 50 and 90 cm. The railing can also be complemented with gates of an appropriately matching height.

For complete product information, visit the Bender Royal page.

Bender Funkis

Made from galvanised, powder-coated steel, Funkis is a modern style railing. It is available as both a two-metre starter package and as one-metre add-on sections.

For complete product information, visit the Bender Funkis page.


Enhance the look of your wall with a beautiful coping. Whether it is in concrete or granite, you will have an attractive and functional top to your wall.

Bender Megatäck Patina

With its blast-finished top and cut long sides, Bender Megatäck Patina, our concrete coping, is suitable for all the walling systems in Benders’ Mega series range.

For complete product information, visit the Bender Megatäck Patina page.

Bender Bohus Avtäckning (coping)

Bender Bohus Avtäckning is our granite coping stone and is available in two formats, Rustik and Modern. It is intended for laying on all sorts of walls, both concrete and granite.

The natural-cleft finish of Rustik is most suitable for natural environments or where a robust effect is required. By contrast, Modern has a flamed top as standard. This is more inviting for sitting on. Our Modern coping is also available with flamed long sides. It is then called Elegant.

Bender Bohus Avtäckning Rustik Bender Bohus Avtäckning Modern

For complete product information, visit the Bender Bohus Avtäckning page.

Gate posts

Our gate posts are available in both concrete and granite. They are ideal for creating elegant features in your walls.

Bender Stolpelement (post element)

Bender Stolpelement is our concrete post element. It is 150 mm high and complements three of the walling systems in Benders’ Mega series, – Bender Megaloc, Bender Megastone and Bender Megawall. For that final, finishing detail, you can put a Bender Stolptopp (post top) on your Bender Stolpelement.

Bender Stolpelement Bender Stolptopp

For complete product information, visit the Bender Stolpelement and Bender Stolptopp pages.

Bender Bohus Stolpe (post)

Bender Bohus Stolpe is our granite gate post with a Rustik finish. Our granite gate posts are ideal adornments to garden environments. Combining a concrete wall with a post in true Bohus granite can be amazingly beautiful and striking.

For complete product information, visit the Bender Bohus Stolpe page.

For our complete walling accessory offerings, visit the Bender walling system range and Bender landscaping accessory pages.