Benders’ Mega series

Mega is the name we use for our walling systems and accessories with a cut front. The series offers many different designs. There are also some differences in function. However, common to all the products is that they go well together. All the walling stones in the Mega series have some form of locking system that makes it easy for you to build stable, attractive walls.

Our Megastone 150 and Megasmart walling stones not only look alike, they can also share, amongst other things, cornerstones. However, Megastone can only be used for raked walls. Megasmart can be used for both raked and perpendicular walls. Thus if, for example, you want to frame some steps in a wall, it may be a good idea to combine Megastone and Megasmart – steps are most easily built with perpendicular sides.

The Megawall and Megaloc walling systems also share a common appearance and can thus be used together. If you want to build a retaining wall that, from two directions, has visible terminations (e.g. on a sloping garage drive), it is a good idea to combine both systems. In this case, use the Megawall retaining wall system for the first, back-filled courses and end with the double-sided, freestanding Megaloc system.

Similarly, our Megawall Garden and Megawall Projekt walling systems share their appearance. Garden is for perpendicular walls and Projekt for walls with a four degree rake. With Megawall Projekt walling stones, you can additionally build really high walls (up to 12 metres). Projekt and Garden can also be combined. This is useful if, for example, you want to build steps in a wall or if you want the wall to have sharp or rounded corners. Both of these are easier with a perpendicular, rather than raked, wall.

Bender Megastone – Just the job

Thanks to the design with a locking lug on the back, you can easily build stable retaining walls using our classic Megastone system. Megastone is supplied cut and ready for laying. There are two designs to choose from and two heights. Megastone 100 is a low walling stone that is ideal for relatively low raised beds. Making it easy to build high walls of varied appearances, Megastone 150 is a classic in our gardens. The corner stones are primarily for building attractive, straight corners. However, they can also be used as end stones or top stones. Megastone can be built both straight and curved. It also has two different formats, straight cut (Rakhuggen) and round cut (Rundhuggen).

Bender Megastone Rakhuggen 100  Bender Megastone Rundhuggen 100  Bender Megastone Rakhuggen 150 
Bender Megastone Rundhuggen 150

For detailed product information, visit the Bender Megastone page.

Bender Megasmart – A name that imposes obligations

Megasmart is the walling stone for people who want to build walls by themselves. Hollow wall blocks greatly reduce weight and make Megasmart unbeatably easy to handle. At the same time, the design gives a stable wall, no matter whether you are building straight or curved. The corner stones can be used not only for straight corners or ends, but also as top stones. Delivered ready cut, the wall blocks can be built both vertically and raked with the help of spacers. The hollows in the wall blocks can be filled with fine crushed stone or you can reinforce and cast the wall in place using geomesh. This latter gives truly durable constructions in difficult conditions. That is why it is called Megasmart!

Bender Megasmart

For detailed product information, visit the Bender Megasmart page.

Bender Megawall – Reaching undreamt heights

Megawall is a complete, reinforced-soil retaining wall system. Thanks to the many variants we offer, it is easy to follow nature’s contours, or to make your own. The blockstones come with a beautiful finish that resembles natural stone. Megawall is available in two formats, Garden for perpendicular walls and Projekt for a four-degree rake. The system is designed for secure anchoring using Connector and geomesh. As a rule, no mesh reinforcement is required for low walls up to 60 cm high. However, where ground conditions are variable and difficult, geomesh is recommended (see our instructions and advice). Megawall Garden is especially suitable if, for example, you want to build steps in a wall or if you want the wall to have sharp or rounded corners. Both of these are easier with a perpendicular, rather than raked, wall. For higher walls up to 12 metres, use Bender Megawall Projekt. This automatically gives an inward rake that makes it easier to build attractive, high walls.

Bender Megawall Garden Bender Megawall Projekt

For detailed product information, visit the Bender Megawall page.

Bender Megaloc – Finest side from all angles

Megaloc is a freestanding system that always shows its finest side. Thanks to an ingenious design that locks the blockstones to each other, you can easily build stable walls. In most cases, you will not need to pour concrete. If you want really high walls, cast footings with projecting reinforcement bars. These can be cleverly “woven” into the wall. Megaloc is supplied with cut, granite-like surfaces on both sides. The system has a cast-in guide channel which ensures that the walling stones always locate centrally to each other. For safety’s sake, every other course is to be glued to the adjacent course. For a finished wall, simply add Bender Megatäck Patina (coping stones) and Bender Stolpelement (post elements). We warmly invite you to read more about our decorative walling accessories.

Bender Megaloc

For detailed product information, visit the Bender Megaloc page.

Benders’ Mega series accessories

In addition to the above walling systems, Benders’ Mega series also includes Bender Megastep, a blockstone that can, for example, be used to build steps that make a garden’s different levels more accessible. The step’s riser is cut and the tread is smooth. To make building attractive steps and entrances easy, the blockstone is available in three different lengths. Bender Megatäck Patina is suitable for all the Mega series systems. It is a coping stone that, with a blast-finished top and cut long sides, provides a beautiful finish to your walls. Bender Grundbalk (foundation beam) can, in many cases, make it unnecessary to cast footings when building walls. It also evens out small irregularities in the bedding layer and makes it easier to lay the walling stones in a straight line.

Bender Megastep Bender Megatäck Patina Bender Mega Grundbalk

We offer one of the market’s widest ranges of paving stones, slabs, walling systems and decorative elements. The walling systems in Benders’ Mega series are one small part of our offerings. For the complete programme, visit our walling system range page.