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Our ranges


Concrete and clay tiles for attractive, functional roofs


The market’s widest offerings of products for your outdoor areas

Natural stone

Exclusive granite and slate products with a natural, rustic feel


Products for road, rail and other infrastructure projects


Various grades of cellular plastic and a range of functional base elements for stable, easy-to-lay foundations


Classic and ergonomic expanded clay blocks for foundations, walls, etc.

Construction components

Our concrete, prefabricated, construction components provide the elements you need for your construction project.

Granite – a material with lasting values

Granite is Sweden’s most common rock type and is found throughout the country. It is extremely strong and withstands impacts and heat far better than most other rock types and materials. Granite’s appearance and properties vary with differences in grain size. Colour is dependent on where in the world it is quarried.

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Guaranteed Benders’ quality since 1960

Ever since starting in 1960, our ambition has been to satisfy customer needs. Our operations are permeated by a local presence and a local responsiveness to the business climate. Together with receptiveness, this provides the foundations for long and strong relations with customers, suppliers and, not least, personnel. Positive development for almost 55 years has contributed to Benders now being active in five different business areas and establishing itself as one of the market-leading producers of roofing and landscaping products in the Nordic countries. At the same time, shares in the new European markets are ever increasing and our other product ranges in concrete and granite (natural stone, foundations, walling and infrastructure) are growing with every season.


When you buy a complete concrete-tile roof with original accessories from Benders’, you also get a 30-year guarantee covering strength, watertightness and frost resistance.

Ten-year guarantee on materials

The products in our ranges are of a uniformly high quality that withstands many years of attrition in tough conditions. There is a full 10-year guarantee on Benders-produced products.


To ensure rapid deliveries, we always carry sizeable stocks. Our long experience in logistics makes it possible for us to transport goods efficiently, reliably and in an environment-friendly way.