Roofing brochure

Roof tiles are more than just good protection against wind, snow and rain. They also enhance your home, lift the overall look and form a fifth façade. Our concrete roof tiles offer you the choice of natural, top-coated, Candor, Brilliant and Struktur.Our clay tiles are also available with many finishes: natural, slip-coated, crystal slip-coated and glazed. Double pantile, traditional pantile or flat roof tiles is a question of taste that is largely decided by the building’s overall look.
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Good fit, wear resistance and frost resistance are built into our products. However, we want them to deliver more than this. For us, it is equally important that you feel happy and proud whenever you take a look at the outdoor areas, walls, etc. that you have constructed using our products. Similarly, we want our products not only to appeal to your sound judgement, but also to be beautiful. We hope you enjoy making your choice.

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Bohus granite

Bohus granite is the latest addition to our already wide range of roof tiles, paving stones and walling systems.

Our granite is a natural product through and through. It is worked using traditional methods that go back many generations. The material gives your interiors and exteriors a lasting feeling of quality that can be enjoyed many generations into the future.

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Public projects

Our ambition to be always able to offer the market’s widest range of high-quality products remains firm. Benders can supply everything you need (roof tiles, paving stones, slabs, walling systems, ornamentation, base elements, L-retaining elements, pinned kerbing...) and much more besides!

We are now further widening our range of landscaping products with new colours and thicknesses. We want to give you, as a constructor, the greatest possible freedom as regards aesthetics and technical possibilities.

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Interlocking paving stones

Benders makes and supplies paving stones. It is one of the country’s leading manufacturers. The company has become synonymous with good quality and extensive know-how. Our landscaping range is wide and offers many models that make it easy to create durable surfaces.

Paving stones are being used increasingly in industrial and heavily trafficked environments.

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Foundations package

Build secure foundations using our base elements (Bender Sockelelement). They are insulated, high quality and come with a brushed, rustic finish that means they can be laid immediately. We also stock cellular plastic panels/sheets and accessories for complete foundations.

Supplied in L, I and U formats, the base elements come insulated with 100 mm expanded polystyrene (EPS) and are available in various sizes.

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Traffic products

Benders is one of the Nordic countries’ largest suppliers of concrete products for infrastructure and other large-scale public projects.

The traffic products programme includes the company’s wide ranges of kerbing, road system features (traffic segregators, calmers, etc.), barriers, street furniture and accessories.

All our traffic products are developed with a focus on safety, effectiveness and aesthetics.They promote the simple and quick building of traffic environments that are both pleasant and safe.

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Safe urban environments

Safe and secure urban environments promote development and free movement for all.Benders’ ranges have several products that can contribute to this.Benches that serve as traffic obstacles, traffic obstacles that provide other seating and posts that prevent collisions in urban black spots.

The correct development of tomorrow’s sustainable urban environments is important.It will increase safety and security while decreasing crime and traffic accidents.


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Permeable paving stones

Ongoing climate changes are creating challenges for societal development.Urban densification is increasing surface run-off as well as reducing natural drainage areas and green spaces. It is also intensifying the strains on stormwater systems.

Permeable paving stones are an investment-efficient way of boosting water management capabilities.This is because, at a very low cost, they both detain and store large volumes of stormwater. They also remove contaminants and provide the hard, transport surfaces needed by communities.


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