L and T-retaining elements with tonguing and grooving

Benders’ L and T-retaining elements have a wide range of uses in everything from private gardens to large-scale public infrastructure projects. For supreme stability and construction efficiency, all Benders’ retaining wall elements have a tongue-and-groove design. They also have an appealing, rolled surface. Furthermore, our flexible production means we can specially adapt retaining wall elements to meet the various needs of different projects.

As the concrete we use has a long service life and requires minimal maintenance, Benders’ prefabricated retaining wall elements are an excellent choice from an environmental perspective. They are also the right choice as regards project economics. Having a tongue and a groove on each end creates a locking system that considerably simplifies and streamlines construction. Elements lock directly to each other. This gives great stability and means that there is no need for cement pointing between the elements. The efficient locking system also means that there is no need for subsequent adjustment of elements. They fit immediately into the right place. Straight, attractive and stable retaining walls are the result.

“The greatest advantage of tonguing and grooving is rapid and efficient construction. Additionally, there is no need for any subsequent adjustment work. Erected retainers stay put!” Andreas Bengtsson, production supervisor at the L-retaining element factory in Floda.

Benders’ retaining wall elements are made in heights from 400 to 4,800 mm. The main purpose of a retaining wall is to aesthetically handle height differences in, for example, parks and environments where there is traffic. They can also be used to construct bins for the handling and separating of different types of materials. Other places where retaining walls are used for their practicality and appealing finish include gardens, residential areas, sports facilities, farms, car parks and recycling centres. Our rolled surface contributes to creating a pleasanter environment. To add further enhancement, we can also supply coloured retaining elements.

So that they can be lifted into position without damage, all Benders’ L and T-shaped retaining wall elements have approved socket anchors cast into them. Using “universal lifting anchors” fastened to the cast-in socket anchors, retaining wall erection is both simple and efficient. You can read more about “universal lifting anchors” at Nordic Fastening Group AB’s website.

Specially adapted retaining wall elements can be made to meet various needs in different projects. For example, we can tailor the dimensions of retaining wall elements by developing special lengths and adapting their rakes. Similarly, aesthetic enhancement of environments is easily accomplished by, for example, creating decorative fluting in wall elements.