Roof replacement – before and after

Roof tiles are more than just protection against wind, snow and rain. They enhance your home, lift the overall look and form a fifth façade. Renovating or replacing your present roof can thus make a big difference.

Replacement is also a sound investment that increases the value of your house, often by more than the cost of the work itself. Furthermore, a new, watertight roof protects the house from leak damage. You may also be able to take advantage of grants that reduce the cost of replacement.

What are your tastes and what is the present style of your house? When you replace roof tiles, you should choose a material that you like and which suits the house and its surroundings. At Benders, we can offer both concrete and clay tiles as well as several different finishes and treatments.

Example roof replacements

The pictures above show the impact of replacing an old roof with Bender Palema Brilliant Koppar (copper).

Here, the old double-pantile roofing has been replaced with Bender Carisma Benderit Granit (top-coated granite). Besides the roof, the façade has been given a lift with fresh grey and white paint. The awnings have also been replaced and the entrance rebuilt. Paving stones and slabs from Benders have additionally given the garage drive and the entrance a major boost.

Grants for roof replacement

Should you do the job yourself or employ a tradesman? In some countries, grants may be available when authorised tradesmen are employed to carry out work that, for example, reduces energy consumption. This can save a great deal of money. For exact details, get in touch with the appropriate authorities.