Environment-friendly Ecoline

Almost everything mankind does has an effect on our environment. Ways of reducing negative impact include cutting back on car use and driving in a more environmentally friendly manner. To these can be added using intelligent technology to reduce the emissions mankind nevertheless generates. The concrete industry has launched a method for reducing nitrogen oxide gases (NOx). These are harmful in themselves and known to promote acidification. In our ranges, we at Benders use the term Ecoline for products that are based on the method.

What are nitrogen oxide gases?

NOx form through a reaction between the nitrogen and the oxygen in the air. The reaction takes place at high temperatures. One major source of emissions is the modern combustion engine. This uses a high pressure fuel/air mixture and high temperatures. Although favourable as regards fuel efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions, it creates harmful nitrogen oxides. High concentrations can trigger allergies, throat problems and even regional disturbances such as woodland loss and acidification. Nitrogen oxides also serve as a catalyst in the formation of harmful ground-level ozone.

How does Ecoline work?

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is added to the concrete products in our Ecoline range. In a photocatalytic process that reduces the content of harmful nitrogen oxides in the air, this reacts with daylight and oxygen. The nitrogen oxides are converted into harmless nitrate, which is washed away by rain. Best results are achieved when the sun is shining and there are thus high levels of nitrogen oxides. Nonetheless, good results are also obtained without direct sunlight. The titanium dioxide is not consumed and the effect is thus maintained throughout the entire service life of the products.

Too good to be true?

No, not at all! Full-scale tests, both in laboratories and European urban areas, show that titanium dioxide has an immediate and major impact on reducing NOx. It is also known that this impact is greatest when emissions are highest – most vehicle trips are made during daylight when the photocatalytic effect is at its maximum.

Bender Ecoline roof tiles

Today, vehicles have catalytic converters that reduce harmful emissions. Tomorrow, your new roof can serve as a giant catalytic converter that reduces the impact of harmful emissions not only from cars, but also from aircraft and industry. All you need to do is choose Ecoline roofing from Benders. It is a little dearer than standard concrete roofing, but cheaper than clay tiles. However, the roof of a normal-sized detached house can nullify NOx emissions from a car, perhaps your car, that drives around 15,000 kilometres a year. It can do this every year throughout the roof’s entire service life.

Bender Ecoline paving stones

Our paving stones are manufactured in two layers. One of these is some 10 mm thick and comprises concrete with titanium dioxide. Just as the roof tiles, the stones serve as a giant catalytic converter. Currently, there are no requirements as regards environment-improving ground coverings in our heavily trafficked towns. However, it is presumably only a question of time before legislation is passed. By laying Bender Ecoline paving stones today, you can improve our environment immediately.

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