Concrete tiles – finish

The roof is the fifth façade of a house. It is of great importance in the look of a home and the overall impression it gives. Our concrete roof tiles are available with six different finishes, four top coated and two natural. Benders’ many combinations of finishes and colours make it possible for you to create a truly individual roof for your home.

Our concrete roof tiles are made from sand, water, cement and iron oxide. The iron oxide, which is a colouring pigment, is added when the concrete is being mixed. In this way, the tiles are coloured all the way through. Roof tiles that are to be treated are then top coated with Benderit paint. This gives the tiles their final look. It also further emphasises roof colour and ensures greater uniformity.

Benderit paint comprises a colouring pigment (iron oxide), water, binder and filler. Developed and produced in-house, the highest quality is assured. Benderit paint was specially developed for application to concrete roof tiles and has an extremely long service life. Colours and finishes vary between our different profiles.

Our top-coated roof tiles



Bender Benderit half-gloss is our traditional roof tile. It is essentially coloured all the way through. The same colouring pigment used in Benderit paint is added in the first production stages. To further emphasise the top coating and roof colour, these roof tiles are then treated twice with Benderit paint.



Bender Candor is a glossy top coating that offers many advantages. Thanks to its greater wear resistance, it has a longer aesthetic service life. Being harder, the finish is also more resistant to the growth of moss, etc.



Bender Brilliant has a unique top coating. It is tomorrow’s finish today! A metal-based pigment gives a resistance that other top coatings find difficult to match. The pigment in the colouring is flat. Consequently, gloss and colour change with changes in light. The result is a roof that is full of life.



Bender Struktur is an exciting top coating that is unlike any other. Crushed and coloured stone is here added to the Benderit paint to create a granular finish. This finish means that snow stays on the roof longer and that the weight is more evenly distributed on the house. It is a favourite in areas with lots of snow!

Our natural roof tiles

Obehandlad (natural)


Benders’ natural roof tiles have the same colour all the way through. Iron oxide is added to the concrete in the first stages of production. It is the iron oxide in natural roof tiles that gives them their optical colour. Natural roof tiles often experience natural precipitation of surface lime in their first year. This subsequently matures to give the tiles their natural colour.

Obehandlad Ecoline


Benders’ natural (obehandlad) Ecoline roof tiles are essentially untreated tiles. The difference is that titanium oxide has been added to the concrete. Titanium oxide serves as a catalyst to reduce, throughout the roof’s service life, nitrogen oxide in the air. This makes our Ecoline finishes our most environment-friendly choices.

Table comparing Benders’ top coatings

Properties Benderit Candor Brilliant Obeh. (Nat.) Struktur
Frost resistance as per SS-EN 490/491 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Watertightness as per SS-EN 490/491 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Strength as per SS-EN 490/491 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
UV protected surface ++++ ++++ +++++ - ++++
Fade-resistant surface ++++ +++++ +++++ ++++ ++++
Heat-reflective surface ++++ ++++ +++++ ++++ ++++
Dirt and growth-repellent surface ++++ +++++ +++++ +++ +++

Our guarantee on concrete roof tiles covers frost resistance, watertightness and strength. The guarantee period is always at least 10 years. When you lay a complete roof using our original accessories, you increase the guarantee period to 30 years.

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