Concrete tiles – shape

Roof tiles are more than just protection against wind, snow and rain. They also enhance your home, lift the overall look and form a fifth façade. Our concrete tiles are available in three profiles – traditional pantile, double pantile and flat. Which you choose is a matter of taste and is largely determined by the overall look of a house.

Benders has been creating attractive, durable roofs for almost 60 years and is now the market leader in concrete roofing in Sweden. Covering everything from classic to modern, we can offer several options that widen your choice when deciding on your roofing. Palema, Exklusiv and Carisma (the different profiles in our concrete tile range) are all outstanding. Which is best for you?

Bender Palema


Bender Palema is a roof tile in a double-pantile format. Its classic look is suitable for all roofs. Ever since the 1960s, this double pantile design has been the most laid roof tile in Sweden. It is easy to understand why. So that you can find the one that is right for you, Palema is available in a number of top coatings and even more colours.

Bender Exklusiv


Bender Exklusiv is a roof tile in a traditional-pantile format. Its higher profile gives your roof a stylish waviness that is more pronounced than with a double pantile. Adding life, it is suitable for all houses – rural or urban, old or new. It is a popular, easy-to-lay roof tile that has an especially distinct character.

Bender Carisma


Bender Carisma is something else completely! Its flat design is in striking contrast to the traditional image of a roof tile. Despite its modern appearance, it adds that little extra to all houses. At the same time, it also brings the look of slate.

Bender Palema Bender Exklusiv Bender Carisma

For further details of our clay roof tiles and the colours in which each profile is available, read about our roofing range. To make optimum laying of the products easy using original accessories, user instructions for each profile can also be found here.