Sights set on fossil-free operations

As an element in our sustainability initiatives, we are putting great effort into attempting to reduce the fossil-fuel footprint of our operations. This is one of the group’s overall environmental goals.

In long and close collaboration with our local electricity supplier, we purchase only renewable electricity. We have also made a good start on reducing oil dependency in our factories. Where we have fossil-intensive heating systems, we also have comprehensive plans to switch to more climate-neutral alternatives such as heat pumps, pellet boilers and district heating. Significant progress has already been made with system replacements in Strängnäs, Åstorp and Edsvära. These were major consumers. Thus far, we have reduced consumption of fuel oil by around 500 m³ a year.

You can read more about this work in an article devoted to the subject, Innovative thinking behind Benders’ switch from fossil oil to wood pellets (PDF document, 21,7 MB).

To further reduce our negative impact, we are now running large-scale tests with electric vehicles at our outdoor goods depots.