Economic sustainability

Economic development is a means of achieving ecological and social sustainability without affecting them negatively. To strengthen and develop the company from all perspectives, Benders reinvests large parts of its profits. For owners, employees, customers and suppliers alike, this creates security and a sense of there being a long-term approach. Our products have to be sustainable across generations and the obvious choice as regards quality, the environment and cost-efficiency. Our customer relations are built on strong commitment, there being every endeavour to make them long-term. Great value is attached to industry know-how, experience and personal service.

Related global goals


Ecological sustainability is often described as setting the framework or laying the foundations for the other two areas of sustainability (social and economic). It centres on the Earth’s ecosystems and the long-term preservation of desirable functions such as food and energy production, water provision, etc.



Social sustainability concerns the conditions affecting human life. Examples of these include health, security, education, justice, the exercise of power and opportunities to improve said conditions.