Benders Byggsystem investing in western Sweden – Further growth in Uddevalla


No one can be unaware that Benders is one of the giants in concrete roof tiles and paving stones. However, there are still many people who do not know that Benders is now also a major player in the prefabricated-element market.

“For most people, Benders is synonymous with roof tiles. However, around the Mälardalen valley, where we are still newcomers, we are far more established on the prefabricated side,” relates Daniel Lixner, factory manager, Benders Byggsystem in Uddevalla.

Benders’ presence in Uddevalla took off with the 2013 purchase of Volvo’s closed down C70 factory. Then, in 2015, Skanska’s prefab division in Strängnäs was acquired and renamed Benders Byggsystem. This has now been a freestanding subsidiary within the group for some time.

Focus on works contracts

“We’ve now been here in Uddevalla for some years and are in full swing with making stairways, balconies and wall elements. In the next few months, we’ll also be starting the casting of floor structures. Especially on the residential side, we’re aiming at several works contracts for full building frameworks. This sector is still strong in western Sweden,” states Martin Johansson, business manager, Benders Byggsystem in Uddevalla.

Major investments

“Getting all the pieces in place has been hard and we still have major investments ahead of us. This year alone, it’s a question of over SEK ten million for new equipment. Competition for qualified professionals is stiff in this region. Thus, we’ve had to devote many resources to instituting our own training programmes. Still, we’ve now built up a good base. This means we are ready to take on large projects throughout the region,” continues Daniel.

Constructing with prefabricated concrete elements is a method that is taking ever greater market share year by year. This is a consequence of the cost advantages and shorter construction times. Some seventy people are currently working at Benders Byggsystem’s Uddevalla facility. Nonetheless, the goals Martin and Daniel have set for the future are tough.

Rapid growth

“For 2020, we’re aiming at thirty percent growth. Within five years, we have to be at least twice our present size. By then, we’ll have convinced developers of the advantages of prefab and no one will have any doubts that Benders is far more than roof tiles!”

Further information:

Martin Johansson, tel. +46 (0)10 888 45 00,
Daniel Lixner, tel. +46 (0)10 888 46 01.