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Benders’ Byggsystem strengthening positions


To strengthen its market positions, the Benders group is now integrating its Uddevalla and Norberg prefabrication operations into Benders Byggsystem AB.

Strategic concentration for continued growth

Benders Byggsystem AB was formed in 2015 when the Benders group took over Skanska’s manufacture of prefabricated, concrete, framework element systems. Since then, this business area has developed rapidly with a number of new customers and many projects throughout Sweden. At the time of the acquisition, various prefabricated elements were already being made within the Benders Sverige AB group. It has now been decided to integrate all these operations under the Benders Byggsystem umbrella.

Increased competitiveness

“Concentrating all prefabricated construction element operations in just one of the group’s companies brings a streamlining that will increase our competiveness. We can offer customers not only complete projects with everything from draft designs to complete installation, but also product deliveries from all our facilities,” states Anders Erdmark, MD of Benders Byggsystem.

The company has its headquarters in Stockholm. After the reorganisation, there will be production units strategically located across the country in Strängnäs, Uddevalla and Norberg. These manufacture construction components such as walls, floor structures, stairs, balconies and beams for most types of buildings from homes and offices to hospitals, multistorey car parks and shopping malls. It is expected that the turnover for 2019 will be somewhere around SEK 800 million.

For further information, please contact:

Anders Erdmark, MD of, Benders Byggsystem AB, +46 (0)10 888 12 50, anders.erdmark@benders.se.
Tomas Kling, marketing manager, +46 (0)10 888 45 01, tomas.kling@benders.se.
Fredrik Roosling, business manager East, +46 (0)10 888 40 61, fredrik.roosling@benders.se.
Martin Johansson, business manager West, +46 (0)10 888 45 00, martin.p.johansson@benders.se.