Braås Åkeri – 90 years on the road


They are unmissable on Sweden’s roads, the characteristic blue lorries with Benders’ classic, red design along their sides. The haulage company Braås Åkeri is celebrating 90 years in business. We at Benders raise our hats and wish hearty “Congratulations” to our long-time friend and partner.

Benders and Braås Åkeri have worked closely together on roof tile and paving stone logistics ever since 1989. Over the years, products in many other of the ranges in Benders’ portfolio have been added.This is a valued collaboration that has become ever stronger with time.Christer Hofling, transport manager at Benders, adds: “Benders and what we require of Braås Åkeri have both grown rapidly in recent years. However, Braås Åkeri has a fantastic ability to adapt and find solutions to rapidly emerging or changed requirements.”

Hofling believes that one of the reasons for the success is the way the companies work so closely together.He explains: “As things are, Braås Åkeri has become an almost integrated part of Benders. Consequently, its staff members have built up a deep understanding of how we work.Together, we have found an efficacious concept. We hope this shows through in good service and dependability for our customers,” states Hofling.

So, Benders congratulates this dynamic 90-year-old and is already looking forward to 2027.Christer Hofling concludes: “Of course, we want to be a part of celebrating Braås Åkeri’s centenary. Hopefully, we can then look back on yet another ten successful years together!”