Benders acquires production facility in Arboga


Benders Sverige AB has acquired the operations of Leca Sverige AB in Arboga. The plant produces the so-called Alba beam and expanded clay beams.

The Arboga factory and its personnel have long experience of making these products. A long-term agreement for Leca Sverige AB to deliver Leca® to the factory has been drawn up. Product sales will be via Benders’ own sales channels as well as via Weber and Leca Sverige AB.

Anders Erdmark, production manager for all Benders Sverige AB’s factories, will also be in charge of the Arboga production facility.

All personnel will be transferring to Benders Sverige AB and contact with the factory will be as before.

For further information, please contact:
Ove Bender, MD, Benders Sverige AB, +46 (0)10 888 0003
Mats Jakobsson, vice MD, Benders Sverige AB, +46 (0)10 888 0200
Bengt Johansson, site manager, Leca Sverige AB, +46 (0)13 242419