The year’s walling innovation – Bender Luxor

This year, we are launching the Bender Luxor walling system. Characterised by an exciting design style and great possibilities for the creative, it includes an entirely new type of walling stone for us.

The walling stone at the heart of the Bender Luxor system is innovative and has an exciting design style. With full stones, half stones and top stones, the system opens great opportunities for the creative.

Because they rest on in-built spacers, the oblong, smooth stones seem almost to hover. The Luxor system’s flexibility is perfect for anyone seeking to build a sheltered garden area that is protected from public view. Such areas take on yet more life if you vary wall height. Simply by turning stones around, you can complement a wall’s sides with in-built shelves or benches. Perfect for sitting on! It is even possible to mount a complete outdoor kitchen in the wall.

Bender Luxor is just as good in domestic gardens as it is in park environments. Furthermore, the lightness of the stones means that do-it-yourselfers also find them easy to use.

“Quite simply, Bender Luxor makes it possible to build cosy and pleasant outdoor environments that you will want to spend all your free time in.”

Interview with Luxor’s creator

Meet Benders’ design and product developer, Per Englund. In an interview about the year’s walling innovation, he speaks about Benders Luxor.

How did the assignment come about?

“Bender Luxor is our answer to the market’s desire and nascent demand for a thin, smooth walling stone. The walling system had to feel both contemporary and timeless. It also had to be distinct from our other walling stone offerings.”

What were your thoughts during the design process?

“I wanted to give Bender Luxor that little something extra. Size-wise, I was inspired by a walling system I invented 25 years ago. Reusing things is now in favour and, thanks to the innovative and creative flexibility that has been added to the system, we have introduced a modernisation that, hopefully, gives today’s market something new and exciting.”

What are the main characteristics of the new Luxor walling system?

“It’s modern in the sense that it is possible to use the stones in the Bender Luxor system for building and creating truly wonderful garden areas. For example, a planting box with fresh herbs at the side of an outdoor grill or a shelf for the ever popular salt and pepper mills. For this latter, you can use either the walling stones themselves or, if you wish, wood. It is also possible to hide electricity cables in the system and create atmospheric lighting that satisfies even the most demanding. Quite simply, Bender Luxor makes it possible to build cosy and pleasant outdoor environments that you will want to spend all your free time in.”

Are you pleased with the end results?

“Yes, extremely pleased. It feels good to be able to respond to market demand for a special walling system.”

In the article The man behind the landscaping products, you can read more about Per Englund and his 50-year history as design and product developer. For detailed product information about the year’s walling innovation, visit Benders’ Luxor product page.

Picture: Use the Bender Luxor walling system to build garden areas that combine kitchen, flowers and herbs! The example here uses other products from our ranges: Bender Ocala antik paving stones, Bender Katedral slabs and Bender Labyrint antik Maxi walling stones.