New technology


Bender Ocala antik is the result of a newly developed, exciting manufacturing technology. Both the way it is cast and how it is then worked to give it an antique appearance are modern methods of making paving stones.

Two-layer casting

Just like all the other stones we have chosen to call Future paving stone, Bender Ocala antik is cast in two layers. A base layer (base mix) of coarse material makes the stones durable and strong. On top of that, a surface layer (face mix) gives a finish that is more hardwearing and smoother than that of traditionally manufactured stones. This smooth finish also makes the stones more water repellent and less prone to algae and moss.


Hammering is the new way of working stones to give them an antique appearance. The edges of each stone’s top surface are worked as soon as the stone is on the manufacturing tray. This is a far more gentle method of antiquing than the traditional tumbling in which, after hardening, the stones are put into a tumbling machine where they are subjected to attrition and abrasion. Furthermore, using the new method, several different stone sizes can be worked at the same time. This means we can offer stones in a number of formats. As the user, this makes it possible for you to create personal, own-design, paved surfaces.

Traditional tumbled paving stone

Paving stone made and worked in the new way (two-layer casting and hammering)


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