Benders’ accessories for foundations

The right accessories make it even easier to lay foundations. That is why we at Benders have developed accessories that help our customers achieve excellent results.

Benders’ base elements (Bender Sockelelement) provide dry, warm and stable foundations for your new house or garage. Foundations are important. They may have to support their loads for centuries. Because of this, Benders offers special accessories developed to guarantee the best results when using our range of products for foundations.

Sill beam

Benders’ sill beams are used to give a raised concrete base that stands above the poured floor. This ingenious accessory gives you a concrete edging that, for example, makes it possible to wash your car in the garage without the water ruining the bottom part of the wall. It is available in two heights – 300 mm (suitable for our 400 mm L-elements) and 400 mm (suitable for our 500 mm L-elements). Starting construction at one corner, joins between sill beams and elements are to be offset. Sill beams are easy to fit to base elements. Simply use 2 of our fitting plates. These hold them in place throughout pouring.

Serrated jointing plate

Benders’ serrated jointing plates are used for joining edge elements and are available in two formats. The Maxi serrated jointing plate is recommended for support that is 500 mm or higher. Our smaller serrated jointing plate is recommended for our 300 mm and 400 mm supports. Two jointing plates must be used per joint.

Barbed pin (plastic nail)

Benders’ barbed pins (plastic nails) are used for joining cellular plastic slabs.

Fitting plate

Benders’ fitting plates are used for holding Benders’ sill beams in place during pouring.

Punched metal plate fastener

Benders’ punched metal plate fasteners can be used to join base elements and adjoining cellular plastic slabs from the foundation bed.