Benders’ Future paving stone - Fantasi, Ocala och Orlando

Compared to rival products, the items in Benders’ range of two-layer paving stones and slabs have prettier, tougher and smoother surfaces that are more water repellent and less prone to algae and moss. The ability to order several formats and stone sizes on a single pallet makes it easy to give your garden unique surfaces that are full of variety, life and character.

Our Future paving stone is a new type of stone that is manufactured in two layers. Consequently, the stone itself also has two layers. The upper layer, the “face mix”, is made from fine ballast and the lower layer, the “base mix”, from a coarser material. Advantages of the two-layer design include our paving stones and slabs giving a more durable and smoother finish. This is because the face mix layer is a relatively more compact concrete.

In addition to two-layer manufacture, our Future paving stone undergoes a gentle “antiquing” (distressing) process that involves hammering. The edges of each stone’s top surface are “hammered” while the stone is on the manufacturing tray. We can hammer different formats simultaneously. This allows you, the customer, to order several different stone sizes on a single pallet and create a unique garden based on laying patterns that you yourself devise.

Our antiquing process (used for both our tumbled paving stones and, now, our two-layer stones) gives a classic product that is suitable for all types of areas. The antique look has a stylish, old-fashioned charm. Presumably, this is what makes these paving stones our bestsellers.

“Our antiqued stones have, up until now, only been traditionally tumbled. This made it difficult to treat slabs and manufacture various stone sizes for a single pallet. Using new technology, we have developed our antiqued range and created the Future paving stone,” Kjell Ryberg, quality and development manager at Benders.

The new range comprises three product groups – Fantasi, Ocala and Orlando. Fantasi offers wide joints that fit particularly well into garden settings. The stones are supplied in four different formats on the same pallet. Ocala is an all-purpose stone offering irregular shapes that suit both private and public settings. Three sizes are supplied on each pallet. Finally, Orlando is our new series of designer slabs. Four different lengths are supplied per pallet. They are perfect for modern outdoor areas, garage drives and much more.

The size variations and antiquing together make it easier than ever to create surfaces that are varied, full of life and an expression of individuality. That is why we chose to call this concept the Future paving stone!

Bender Fantasi Tumbled

Bender Ocala Tumbled

Bender Orlando Tumbled

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