• Where can I get inspiration?

    Choosing from our vast ranges is fun and interesting, especially if you use the aids on our website.

    Using our inspiration tool, you can put together various products to see how they suit the colour of your house. Our inspiration tab takes you to many potentially inspirational pictures. These show the choices made by other people and the smart solutions they have devised.

    Our popular brochures give you an overview of what our ranges include. Look through these in peace and quiet and find the best solutions for you! Brochures are available from any of our knowledgeable distributors and retailers. Most of these also have wonderful displays where you can see and feel our products. Use our system for locating a distributor who is suitable for you and your needs.

  • What are the properties of the various top coatings?

    A natural roof tile is made from concrete that is the same colour throughout. The colouring pigment is iron oxide. Surfaces are natural concrete and have a robust look about them. Natural roof tiles often experience natural precipitation of surface lime in their first year. This subsequently matures to give the tiles their natural colour.

    A top-coated roof tile starts as one that is the same colour throughout. It is then given two coatings of Benderit. This makes it possible for you to choose concrete roof tiles in a large number of colours. Benderit is an in-house developed paint that, with the purpose of ensuring the highest quality, was specially devised for application to concrete roof tiles.

    Bender Candor is a high-gloss top coating (Benderit with the addition of a clear varnish) that offers many advantages. Thanks to its greater wear resistance, it has a longer aesthetic service life. The finish is also harder and thus more resistant to the growth of moss and algae. It is a well-proven product that has become increasingly popular over the past 15 years.

    Bender Brilliant is tomorrow’s top coating available today! A metal-based pigment gives a resistance that is far superior to that offered by all other concrete roof tiles manufactured up until now. The pigment in the colouring is flat and the overall result, changing with changes in light, is an unparalleled gloss and a play of colours such as you have never seen before.

    Bender Struktur has a crushed stone mixed into our Benderit paint to give a granular finish. This finish means that snow stays on the roof longer and that the weight is more evenly distributed on the house. It is a favourite in areas with lots of snow.

  • How long does a concrete-tile roof last?

    Very long – the normal service life of Benders’ concrete roof tiles has been calculated at over 100 years.