Materials guarantee Benders-produced products

Benders-produced landscaping, natural stone and infrastructure products come with a materials guarantee that adopts the rules in the relevant product’s standard and runs in Sweden for 10 years from the date of purchase.

The guarantee covers original production faults in Benders-produced products to which an SS-EN standard applies. However, the guarantee does not cover cases where surfaces have been frequently exposed to de-icing salts.

The guarantee provides free delivery of products to replace any that can be shown not to satisfy the standard that applied at the time of production and/or the conditions below. Delivery is to the site (in Sweden) of the product in respect of which a claim has been made.

The guarantee does not cover anything else (for example: colour, lime precipitation or other optical changes; and, faults that, after the goods left production, arose during or because of, for instance, transport, incorrect storage, careless handling incorrect use or similar).

The guarantee applies provided that:

  • The product was used in accordance with the user instructions that, issued by Benders Sverige AB, applied at the time of use.
  • Any guarantee claim is made to Benders Sverige AB in reasonable time and, in no case whatsoever, more than 1 month after detection of a fault.
  • An invoice, receipt or other document is presented showing the purchase date.
  • Benders Sverige AB is given the opportunity to inspect the surfaces where the products that are the subject of the claim have been used.

The guarantee does not apply to:

  • Damage that is attributable to force majeure.
  • Damage/injury due to, for example, loading above the reference values given in standards or in our instructions.
  • Damage owing to insufficient maintenance.
  • Any consequential damage.

Materials guarantees cannot be enforced against distributors or other intermediaries that sell products from Benders Sverige AB. Guarantee claims in respect of faults in materials must always be addressed directly to Benders Sverige AB.

Download document of guarantee for Benders-produced products 10-years. (PDF-document, 237 kB)