New MD of Benders Sverige AB


On 3 May, Mats Jakobsson starts as new MD of Benders Sverige AB. Ove Bender, the present MD, then becomes the CEO of the Benders’ companies, both inside and outside Sweden.

Mats Jakobsson is currently vice MD and marketing manager of Benders Sverige AB. He started his Benders’ career as a salesperson in the USA way back in 1988.

Preparing a generation shift

Immediately on the new appointments coming into effect, Ove Bender is banking on having more time for strategic development initiatives regarding future leadership of the family owned company. This has grown very quickly over the past decade, both organically and via a host of acquisitions.

“Over the next decade, we face a generation shift at many levels in the group. I feel this presents many important issues that must be addressed in good time. I am now looking forward to some exciting years of continued growth under Mats’ guidance. At the same time, we will be preparing for long-term rejuvenation,” explains Ove Bender.

Challenges await

“I feel that being shown this confidence is an incredible honour and I’m looking forward to taking on lots of challenges in areas such as sustainability, digitisation and continued development of new products and production methods. Of course, Ove will be a constant sounding board throughout this. My role as marketing manager is being taken over by Stefan Kvist who, after ten years at Benders, is well-prepared for the job,” states Mats Jakobsson.

“It feels very reassuring to hand over daily operation to Mats who, with over thirty years’ experience, knows all about the company and me. Responsibilities within the group as a whole will quite simply be allowed to develop naturally over the next year,” concludes Ove.

Further information:

Ove Bender, tel. +46 (0)10 888 0003,
Mats Jakobsson, tel. +46 (0)10 888 0200,