Benders, Leca and Weber form strategic collaboration


Benders, Leca and Weber are forming a strategic collaboration that combines Leca’s knowledge of producing Leca® pellets, Weber’s technical know-how in walled structures and Benders’ production and logistics capacities. Together, they are creating the right conditions for improved development, manufacture and distribution of Leca® blocks to the whole of Sweden’s construction industry. (Leca = light expanded clay aggregate.)

“With our knowledge and experience of production, as well as the comprehensive logistics operations we have built up, rail transport included therein, we can supply the market with our products sustainably,” states Ove Bender, MD, Benders Sverige AB. “We are convinced that Benders can add value to this collaboration.”

Leca Sverige AB is finishing its production of Leca® blocks and beams at the end of 2021. Benders then takes over this production for Weber.

“For some time now, Leca has been focusing on increasing Swedish sales of bulk Leca rather than of own further processed products. Thus, the agreement with Benders, Leca and Weber is a natural step in this development,” relates Bengt Johansson, board member of Leca Sverige AB.

Weber will continue to take care of technical development, marketing and sales of Leca® blocks, Leca® beams and accessories.

“The agreements between Benders, Leca and Weber are a good example of how a collaboration between three strong parties can promote greater efficiency and resource optimisation in respect of a sustainable, technical development of the Swedish construction industry,” declares Andrew Kristensen, managing director of Weber – Saint-Gobain Sweden.

For further information:

Benders Sverige AB is one of Sweden’s leading manufacturers of construction products for the roofing, landscaping, natural stone, infrastructure, foundations, wall block, water and sewage segments. It has 25 production units in Sweden and over 1,000 employees work for the company.

Leca Sverige AB is primarily active in selling bulk Leca® to infrastructure projects and industrial customers. Leca is part of the French Saint-Gobain group.

Weber has a market-leading position in mineral-based construction products on the Swedish market. The company develops, manufactures and sells construction and civil engineering products and systems for: walling and plastering; floor levelling; concreting; installing slabs and sealing layers/membranes; and, building with Leca® blocks.

Saint-Gobain Sweden AB is the company behind the Weber, Dalapro, Gyproc and Isover brands. It is part of the French Saint-Gobain group, which has over 179,000 employees. In Sweden, some 850 employees contribute to a turnover of slightly more than SEK 3.2 billion.