First train in 30 years at Uddevalla factory!


Benders’ investment in using rail as a complement to road transport continues. The first train has arrived at our Uddevalla factory and we are now looking forward to a greater volume of environment-friendly transport between the Stockholm region and the west coast.

Between 1946 and 1986, the shipyard in Uddevalla operated from the area that now belongs to Benders. That was also when, over 30 years ago, the last trains arrived here. Things are different now!

In collaboration with Green Cargo and its wagon load system, Benders’ first train arrived at the Uddevalla factory on Friday the 13th of January 2017. Its wagons were carrying landscaping products from Bålsta. Since acquiring Volvo’s vehicle factory here, Benders has upgraded the track and the ground under and around the railway area. In the future, ten 30-tonne wagons will be rolling in every week from Bålsta.

Benders’ train deliveries from Uddevalla will now supply Bålsta (in the Stockholm region) with Bohus Granite and Åstorp (in southern Sweden) with plinths and other Uddevalla products.

Our environmental initiatives are continuing and we are happy to be able to take advantage of the possibilities arising from previous operations at the site.