Sunlight – The market’s smartest mounts for solar panels

Are you considering installing solar cells on your roof? You are not alone! Renewable energy sources have never been as relevant as they are now. The need is great and the technology is better than ever.

The market’s smartest solar panel mounts

Yes, you read that right! We at Benders are convinced that Bender Sunlight is the market’s smartest system for mounting solar panels. The mount is anchored in a specially manufactured and reinforced roof tile that is laid alongside your concrete double pantiles from Benders. What makes Sunlight unique in its class is that your roof remains watertight with no gaps between the roof tiles and no sawing.

Under the roof tiles, each mount locks over two rows of battens. There is no harm to the subroof. In other words, Sunlight sits tight where it should on the roof, even in our harsh Nordic climates.

Sunlight’s fantastic design

The mounting tile comes to you ready for immediate laying on the roof. Laying is easy and, thanks to the smart design, the lightweight rails click smoothly into place. A screwdriver becomes necessary only when you are fitting the panels. Before that, watertight mounting requires absolutely no tools.

As if this were not enough, Bender Sunlight is Swedish made and uses modern composites. Consequently, the mounting system is easy to work with and versatile. Its low weight makes lifting easy and, if the mounting rails need to be cut, the material makes sawing simple.

The panel clamps used to secure the solar cells are suitable for all the market’s solar panels that have a frame thickness of 30 – 40 mm.

Keep your roof guarantee with Sunlight

Benders’ concrete roof tiles are now laid on six out of every ten houses in Sweden. They are the country’s most laid roof tiles. Thus, many people face the risk inherent in installing solutions that may affect both the existing roof tiles’ durability and the roof guarantee. If you choose Bender Sunlight, there are no worries. Bender Sunlight is the market’s only solar cell system that maintains your roof guarantee – for up to 30 years.

Advantages of the Bender Sunlight mounting system

  • As Bender Sunlight is a Benders’ original accessory, we can still maintain a roof guarantee of 30 years when it is used.
  • Bender Sunlight gives you the freedom to choose whichever surface solar panels you wish to install on your roof.
  • Bender Sunlight is anchored over two rows of battens and there is no harm to the subroof.
  • A screwdriver is the only tool you need to install Bender Sunlight. However, if you need to remove a rail, a dismantling tool is supplied.
  • Installation is rapid and easy. The mounting tile comes ready to immediately take the place of a double pantile Palema tile.
  • Everything lifted to the roof in a single delivery! Sunlight is supplied along with your roof tiles when laying a new roof or replacing an old one.

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