Our water and sewage products

Benders’ water and sewage system range offers hard-wearing solutions and products adapted to meeting the long-term and important construction needs of tomorrow’s communities.

Concrete pipes

Our concrete pipes (with and without reinforcement) are used for watertight, gravity mains for storm and waste water. Used in principal mains, service mains and road culverts, they are manufactured as standard pipes, short pipes, double spigot elbows, branch pipes, transition pipes, elbows, road pipes, agricultural pipes, socket pipes and caps.

Concrete chambers

Our robust and functional concrete chambers are used for collecting and leading away storm and waste water from downpipes, mains, parking areas, public squares and the suchlike. They can have water traps to stop unpleasant smells escaping from mains. The traps also reduce the risk of freezing as a result of cold air getting into the chamber. To satisfy all public-sector needs, Benders’ concrete chambers are manufactured as storm water and drainage chambers, cleanouts, sampling chambers, inspection chambers, manholes, universal chambers, pumping chambers and distribution chambers.


Benders’ separators efficiently separate grease and oil-contaminated storm and waste water that must not get into municipal sewage mains. Our sustainable and stable concrete separators withstand vacuum desludging and cleaning. Consequently, they can be placed under trafficked surfaces (for example). To satisfy all public-sector needs, Benders’ separators are manufactured as: sludge separators; sand and sludge separators; coalescence separators; disc separators; sludge and oil separators; grease separators; and, heavy-metal separators.

Accessories and tools

Benders’ range of accessories and tools has been developed to match our products and be of great assistance when installing Benders’ water and sewage systems. Our accessories and tools are recommended and proven. When you use them, you ensure quality and correct fit.

Benders is a part of Alfa. You can see our complete range on Alfa’s website. You can also read more about Benders’ water and sewage system range.