Roofing accessories – the final touch

Benders’ roofing accessories give your new roof the final touch that makes it complete. Whether they are concrete accessories such as ridge tiles and cloak verges or various solutions (ventilation, inlet, outlet, sealing, venting, roof safety, equipment mounting, etc.), we have a range that ensures your roof long remains in peak health. The lively attractiveness they bring is a pleasant added bonus.

Concrete accessories

We are particularly keen that you should be able to find original accessories, in concrete, especially developed for our roof tiles. Benders’ accessories in concrete give your home its final look. Using our concrete accessories ensures an excellent fit and colour matching. Furthermore, many of the accessories make laying both easier and quicker.

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Ventilation and inlets/outlets

If you ventilate well, you will have no problems with moisture. Good ventilation is just as important as properly sealed inlets/outlets. Here, you will find products for various uses. They are supplied complete, tailored for each profile and designed to be easy to use.

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Roof safety

Never forget roof safety! This is where you will find our important, well-proven solutions for a safe roof.

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Sealing and venting

Venting your roof is just as important as sealing it. Here, you will find our products that help keep your roof healthy.

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Well-mounted roof tiles are important for your safety and the safety of others. This is where you will find the essential mountings you need for a secure roof.

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Other roofing accessories

Benders’ other roofing accessories comprise everything from roof ornaments to products for the efficient cleaning of your roof. Products that give your roof that little plus, both functionally and aesthetically.

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