Turning natural stone into art

Public art in true Bohus granite that becomes ever more beautiful over the centuries – a clearer legacy for future generations is hard to imagine. Our expert stonemasons are used to working with artists to find exactly the right form of expression. Do not hesitate to challenge us!

Over the years, many unique works of art have been made in granite. By sharing knowledge of the material and its extraction, quarry workers opened the way for art-related orders. There is a special value in enabling famous artists to realise their large-scale works in granite. What we create in stone today may be viewed by other people many centuries into the future.

The light of the horizon

The herring


“Walking towards the light of the horizon” is an oval, eye-like sculpture in Bohus granite.

Sawn from a large granite block, “The herring”, as the name indicates, depicts a herring.

“Touch” depicts a giant foot, hewn from Bohus granite, standing on tiptoe on a plinth.