Cellular plastic – Uses and grades

Cellular plastic is manufactured in homogenous blocks by expanding and foaming together small plastic beads (granulate). Block density can be varied and grade is determined by compressive strength in kPa.

Offering different insulation values, the various grades are suitable for different purposes.For example, certain grades are suitable for insulating foundations while others are more suitable for use in walls or roofs.


EPS 60

Used primarily in roofs where ability to withstand significant loads is not required.

EPS 80

Used in wall elements, house foundations and smaller buildings.

EPS 100

Highly suitable for the foundations of larger houses and industrial buildings.

EPS 150

Suitable for large foundations that are subject to special requirements.

EPS 200

Used for edge elements, foundations subject to heavy loads and load-bearing walls.

XPS 300 and XPS 600

Designed to meet special requirements, e.g. extreme long-term compressive strength.