Cellular plastic – Product groups

Cellular plastic is an umbrella name for a large number of different plastics. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is one of these.Traditional white EPS is the best-known on the market.However, besides white, we also offer special EPS product groups.


The traditional white cellular plastic has good insulation properties, is entirely waterproof, withstands large compressive loads and is easy to handle.

EPS Plus-F

A white cellular plastic with slightly better insulation and mechanical properties.It also contains a polymeric flame retardant that makes it nonflammable.

EPS Grafit

A graphite coloured cellular plastic in which the addition of a graphite pigment results in the reflection of radiated heat and, consequently, gives approximately 20% better insulation than does traditional EPS.EPS Grafit is used particularly in wall elements and others structures where good insulation is required and where space is limited.