Natural stone reference projects

In-house production, know-how and resources mean that we at Benders can be flexible and thus specially adapt and develop products for projects. This makes us complete suppliers of both concrete and granite products.

Benders has been involved in many exciting projects and made deliveries to a great variety of customers. Here, you can read about some of the projects where products in true Bohus granite from Benders’ natural stone range have been used. Our expert stonemasons are used to working with, for example, artists and architects to find exactly the right form of expression. Do not hesitate to challenge us!

Stockholm’s northern link

Stockholm’s northern link stretches from Tomteboda to Värtan. It connects to the Roslagsvägen highway at Frescati and is northern Europe’s largest road tunnel project. In total, the length of the northern link will be five kilometres. Four of these will be tunnel. The project is one part of Stockholm’s traffic initiative. Stage one of the northern link was completed some time ago. Prior to stage two, thanks to reliable deliveries and competitive prices, Benders was honoured with continued confidence as a supplier of stone products. Deliveries of Bender Bohus Blockstensmur Rustik (Bohus rustic stone block walling) have been completed and building, which has been in progress for some time, is to continue in 2014. In addition to the previously delivered 1.3 kilometres, a little over 4 kilometres of Bender Bohus Blockstensmur Rustik has been supplied for the final stage of the project.

Stockholm’s northern link, where Bender Bohus Blockstensmur Rustik has been used Bender Bohus Blockstensmur Rustik

Silence voice

Every year, students on the architect programme at Chalmers University undertake a project that involves creating a work of art in a specified material. This year, the material was Bohus granite. Benders was asked to work closely with the students and help to produce a sculpture at our facility in the Ävja quarry. The result was “Silence voice”. A block of red Bohus granite was cut using a computer numerically controlled (CNC) wire saw programmed in accordance with the students’ design drawing. After some 12 cuts and 20 square metres of sawing, the sculpture was ready. For two months, it stood outside the Röhsska Museum in central Gothenburg. The project attracted much written attention and was greatly appreciated, not least by the Chalmers’ students who ran the project.

Benders is proud that it was able to support the students’ work and their development in the industrial working of granite. The project shows not only the great sibilities offered by our ancient granite, but also what can be achieved in practice – perhaps with a little help from Benders’ depth and flexibility! “Silence voice” will shortly be on show at Benders’ new facility in Uddevalla. Furthermore, the Chalmers’ students will be publishing STONE Material & Detail, a book on the project.

“Silence voice” in red Bohus granite The sculpture being sawn at Ävja quarry “Silence voice” at night

The Åvägen riverside road in Gothenburg

Benders has supplied rough-hewn walling elements in true Bohus granite for the Åvägen riverside road where it passes the Swedish Exhibition Centre in Gothenburg. The wall was built to secure the river bank centuries into the future. To cap this beautiful wall, a bush-hammered coping stone was used to add finesse to the raw, rustic surface presented by our rough-hewn walling elements. As the icing on the cake, conical posts with rounded tops were pegged into the coping stone. The posts have been given eyes for the easy attachment of chains. These create a practical barrier and further enhance the wall’s aesthetic appeal. We take great pride in producing and supplying products that will delight future generations.

Benders has supplied rough-hewn walling elements in true Bohus granite for the Åvägen riverside road in Gothenburg Bender Bohus rough-hewn walling elements