Combining natural stone and concrete

Natural stone and concrete complement each other in a unique way. They also reinforce each other’s best qualities. Combining both materials is a smart way of keeping the cost of your new outdoor design down without compromising on either functionality or aesthetics.

Concrete paving stones and slabs work well with many natural materials such as granite and slate. By combining concrete products with natural stone, it is possible to achieve striking results that are both beautiful and functional.

Natural materials such as granite are available with various surface finishes that are suitable for a range of different purposes. Natural-cleft granite has a naturally diverse and uneven surface structure that makes it superb for combining with smooth slabs and other concrete products. As boundary marking or individual features, natural-cleft granite creates a livelier and more distinguished setting. For entrances, terraces, garden paths, garage drives and other surfaces that need to be more even we can offer, amongst other things, both flamed and bush-hammered granite. The possibilities and variations possible when combining natural stone with concrete are infinite.

“It lifts the whole building! A fine Bender Ocala paving stone path leading up to the house and terminating in a Bohus granite entrance slab – love is the only word for it,” Stefan Hedström, Represetative Stone Specialist

A small suggestion from us at Benders – for the general setting, take advantage of the great value for money offered by concrete products. Distinction can then be added via granite detailing such as contrasting finishing structures (e.g. on walls), natural-cleft steps and kerb stones. Decorate with cobblestones and shingle, lay slate paths – the possibilities are truly infinite.

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