Valmklocka början med fals - 3-way apex starter old style

Concrete accessories

3-way apex old style start is used on roofs with a hip where a horizontal ridge is connecting to two leaning ridges. At the foot of the ridge a Ridge tile start old style (0318xx) is being used which contributes to a both functional as well as beautiful result.


  • Black - Benderit
  • Brown - Benderit
  • Clay red - Benderit
  • Red - Benderit
  • Ytbh. Mellangrå - Benderit
  • Burgundy - Benderit
  • Light grey - Benderit
  • Mörkgrå - Benderit
  • Green - Benderit
  • Yellow - Benderit
  • Flash Clayred/Brown - Benderit
  • Graphite - Naturals
  • Clay red standard - Naturals
  • Antique Clayred standard/black - Naturals
  • Black - Candor
  • Chestnutbrown - Candor
  • Olive green - Candor
  • Clay red - Candor
  • Terracotta red - Candor
  • Middlegrey - Candor
  • Mörkgrå - Candor
  • Shale - Brilliant
  • Copper - Brilliant

Concrete or clay tiles?

The roof is the fifth façade of a house. It is of great importance in the look of a home and the overall impression it gives. Benders sells both concrete roof tiles and clay tiles. Which you choose is a matter of taste and is largely determined by the look of a house. Making the right choice from our growing roof tile offerings is important. However, what is suitable where?

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