Valmklocka slut med fals - 3-way apex end old style

Concrete accessories

3-way apex old style end is used on roofs with a hip where a horizontal ridge is connecting to two leaning ridges. The tile three wide rimmed ends that all lies over the oncoming ridge tiles. At the bottom at the foot of the rigde row a Rigde tile start old style (0318xx) is being used which contributes to a both functional as well as beautiful result.


  • Black - Benderit
  • Brown - Benderit
  • Clay red - Benderit
  • Red - Benderit
  • Ytbh. Mellangrå - Benderit
  • Burgundy - Benderit
  • Light grey - Benderit
  • Mörkgrå - Benderit
  • Green - Benderit
  • Yellow - Benderit
  • Flash Clayred/Brown - Benderit
  • Graphite - Naturals
  • Clay red standard - Naturals
  • Antique Clayred standard/black - Naturals
  • Black - Candor
  • Chestnutbrown - Candor
  • Olive green - Candor
  • Clay red - Candor
  • Terracotta red - Candor
  • Middlegrey - Candor
  • Mörkgrå - Candor
  • Shale - Brilliant
  • Copper - Brilliant

Concrete or clay tiles?

The roof is the fifth façade of a house. It is of great importance in the look of a home and the overall impression it gives. Benders sells both concrete roof tiles and clay tiles. Which you choose is a matter of taste and is largely determined by the look of a house. Making the right choice from our growing roof tile offerings is important. However, what is suitable where?

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