Hansa 1-barrel

Clay rooftiles

Benders Hansa interlocking clay rooftiles are a modern development of the classic extruded Single-S clay rooftile. Easy to lay, tight and economical makes Hansa is always an option for you would want the little extra on your house. Choose between Natural, engobed and glaced surfaces. The tile is also available with cut front end to attain an extruded look.


  • Natural brown - Natur
  • Natural red - Natur
  • Yellow - Engoberad
  • Black shale - Engoberad
  • Brasil brown - Engoberad
  • Rustikal - Engoberad
  • Old fashioned red - Engoberad
  • Mahogni red - Engoberad
  • Burgundy - Kristallengoberad
  • Basalt black - Kristallengoberad
  • Bongossi brown - Glaserad
  • India red - Glaserad
  • Titanium black - Glaserad
  • Diamond black - Glaserad
  • Marine blue - Glaserad
  • Frisen blue - Glaserad
  • Schilgreen - Glaserad
  • Oxford green - Glaserad
  • Rape yellow - Glaserad
  • Pearl white - Glaserad
  • Kiesel grey - Glaserad
  • Grey/Black
  • Brown

Concrete or clay tiles?

The roof is the fifth façade of a house. It is of great importance in the look of a home and the overall impression it gives. Benders sells both concrete roof tiles and clay tiles. Which you choose is a matter of taste and is largely determined by the look of a house. Making the right choice from our growing roof tile offerings is important. However, what is suitable where?

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