Labyrint Antik

Bender Labyrint is a tumbled paving stone in many different sizes and colours and you can use them to create new environments with an old fashion charm. A stair, a kerb, a retaining wall and mix colours create opportunities for a personal patio. Bender Troja is the same family as Labyrint but it has a textured surface in a classic shape. It is excellent to combine with the other stones in our great selling Labyrinh assortment.


  • Grey

The Spikma method

Pinned kerbing was developed towards the end of the 1960s and, since then, has been manufactured and developed by Spikma and Benders. The need for prefabricated kerbing grew along with increased vehicular traffic and the problems this brought. A simple product that was cheap to maintain and could be laid quickly was needed.

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