Solar energy – a power that warms


The development of maximum efficiency solar cells rolls onwards. Benders is now set to play a major part.

“Electric cars and an eventual reduction in nuclear power will increase the need for other energy sources in the future,” says David Gidstedt, product manager for Benders’ Roofing range. There are many companies in the sector and SolTech Energy, which develops and sells building-integrated solar energy products, has collaborated with Benders to develop a solar cell that can be fully integrated into a Carisma tiled roof.

“There are many different models of solar cells,” reveals David. “However, this integrated design is incredibly attractive. I believe this is important for the customer. When you consider the enormous energy in sunlight, having some form of solar cell in or on your property should be an obvious step. Putting this sort of cell on a southern-facing roof of a standard house could quite easily produce up to 6,000 kWh a year. Furthermore, installation costs are a relatively small part of the total investment in a building.”

Benders is also working on developing an equally appealing model for Palema type roof tiles. “As regards models and efficiency, this is a thrilling trend. It only remains to see who succeeds best and first!” concludes David Gidstedt.

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