Surfaces, colours and styles

Bohus granite lasts from generation to generation and becomes more beautiful with each passing year. Our range comprises six different surface treatments and five different style concepts. These enable you to achieve exactly the effect you are looking for – everything from natural rusticity to hypermodern elegance, both indoors and out.

Granite is an entirely natural product. It is quarried, cleft (split) or sawn to the right dimensions and then worked to give the right surface for your purposes. At Benders, we speak about surface treatments and style concepts. Our products undergo one or more surface treatments. To help you find the right product for the right setting, we then have our style concepts.

Surface treatments

Natural-cleft granite

Natural-cleft granite has the naturally diverse and uneven surface structure that results when blocks are cleft (split) using wedges. This granite has a rustic air that is highly suitable where a natural effect is sought. Boundary markers and steps, walls and posts in park, town square and garden settings are examples of popular uses of natural-cleft granite.

Tumbled granite

Subjecting granite to the tumbling process gives a surface finish that resembles the natural patina of age. Amongst other uses, tumbled granite is popular for paving stones.

Flamed granite

Flamed granite is sawn to size. This makes it possible to meet tight dimensional tolerances. After sawing, the surface is subjected to intense heating so that the stone crystals fracture to give a mildly waved, rough and elegant finish. Flamed granite provides good protection against slipping and is thus excellent in, for example, outdoor and indoor steps, slabs and bench tops – not least in public spaces.

Bush-hammered granite

Bush-hammered granite has been treated with a compressed-air hammer to give a granular surface structure that has a particular finesse. It also provides good protection against slipping. Uses for which it is suitable include kerb stones, steps and bench tops.

Polished granite

Polished granite has a completely smooth and shiny surface that is extremely resistant and requires no maintenance whatsoever. It is often used for façades, floors and worktops where an air of distinction is sought.

Honed granite

Honed granite has the same excellent properties as polished granite. However, it undergoes slightly less surface treatment and thus has a less glossy finish. It is used primarily indoors, but can also be found in, for example, façades.


Bender Bohusgranit (Bohus granite) comes in two colours. The colour is determined by the source quarry. Grey Bohus granite is provided by, for example, Ävja and Näsinge. Red Bohus granite is quarried at, amongst other sites, Brastad. Granite is a natural material in which variations from the base colours are themselves natural and only to be expected. We also refine other types of variously nuanced granite from both Swedish and foreign quarries.

Style concepts


Rustik means that all the visible faces of the granite have been wedge-split. This gives a rural and natural feel.


Antik (antique) is a classic style and has a definite patina. Antique means that all the visible faces of the granite have been both wedge-split and tumbled.


Modern is a functional style in which one visible face has been flamed while all other visible faces have been wedge-split.


Elegant means that all visible faces have been flamed. This gives a tasteful, austere effect.


Finess (finesse) means that all visible faces have been bush-hammered. It exudes a refined and restrained feel.

Näsinge Rustik (natural-cleft) Brastad Rustik (natural-cleft) Ävja Rustik (natural-cleft)
Näsinge Elegant (flamed) Brastad Elegant (flamed) Ävja Elegant (flamed)
Näsinge Finess (bush-hammered) Brastad Finess (bush-hammered) Ävja Finess (bush-hammered)

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