Outdoor bar


Megastone 150 round x 35
Megatäck x 5
Concrete adhesive PL800 x 1
800 kg sack of base course material x 1
800 kg sack of stone dust x 1
Geotextile fabric sheeting (1.2 x 25.0 m) x 1


Stone cutting machine
Hand tamper or plate compactor
Rail or board
Spirit level


Step 1) Start your building project by sawing off the lips of all the Megastone walling stones. These lips are on the back of the walling stones and can be sawn using, for example, a stone cutting machine.

Step 2) Mark out where the bar is to stand and excavate to a depth of around 250 mm. Adjust the length to the size of the stones (in our example, 7 x 385 mm). For stable foundations, the bed can advantageously be extended 200 mm on each side. Lengthwise, excavate around 400 mm.

Step 3) Lay the fabric sheeting at the bottom of the excavated hole and fold it over slightly at the edge. Lay an around 100 mm thick base course. Compact this well using, for example, a hand tamper. Continue with an around 30 mm thick layer of stone dust. Use a hand tamper to compact this well too. To achieve an even finish, you should use a rail or a board to scrape down the surface.

Step 4) Lay the first course of 6 Megastone walling stones. For the outdoor bar to be stable, approximately 50 mm of this Megastone course must be below ground. It is important for the first course to be level. Use a spirit level to ensure that the walling stones are perpendicular.

Step 5) Starting with a half stone, add a second course. A stone cutting machine is extremely suitable for cutting Megastone walling stones in half. Remember to vary whole and half stones as the starting stone. The third course starts with a whole stone, the fourth with a half stone, etc. As many as 7 courses can be laid. To ensure the stability of the outdoor bar, each course is to be glued together using concrete adhesive PL800.

Step 6) After the seventh course, it is time to lay Megatäck. This has to be mitred (i.e. cut at an angle) using the stone cutter. Using concrete adhesive PL800, glue Megatäck firmly in place.

We wish you every success!

Download do-it-yourself instructions for the outdoor bar.

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