Infrastructure range growing

Intensive product development and frequent acquisitions are constantly widening our ranges. These are now so comprehensive that Benders can be seen as a complete turnkey supplier for both private and public projects. We seek to be always one step ahead and, working closely with our customers and suppliers, lead the development of tomorrow’s products.

Infrastructure is the new name of our expanding range of concrete products for the areas detailed below.


Products created for leading and guiding traffic in and around road environments. Five of our product categories here are: pinned kerb stones; traffic products; L and T-shaped retaining elements; barriers; and, sign bases. Benders’ long experience of these products stems from two acquisitions – Spikma and Floda Cementgjuteri.


Products for building safe and functional railway environments. Examples include: cable ducting; platform elements; sleepers; and, catenary post bases. Benders’ major deliveries for the rail tunnel through Hallandsåsen witness our extensive know-how in this segment.

Water and sewage (WS)

Products that can safely guide and control water flows in various WS environments. Examples include: pump bases; surface water conduits; culverts and separators; and, piping. As we see a constant and growing need here, Benders will be focusing on products in this area.

Electricity and telecommunication

Products that ensure the safety of installations in electricity and telecommunication environments. Examples here include: concrete posts; jointing chambers; post bases; and, lighting bases. Benders’ goal of being a complete supplier means that products for this segment will be another major focus.


Products that, working closely with our customers, we create for special environments. Our range here includes: acoustic screening; gabions; walling and tunnel elements; and, special products. Benders shall be an inquisitive sounding board and a committed partner. Working in close collaborations with customers and suppliers, we shall show great zeal in solving problems.