Combine foundations and walls

Benders makes it easy for you to build a complete garage or house frame. Simply combine our base elements and our expanded clay blocks. Our goal is that you should never need more than one supplier.

Our base elements (Bender Sockelelement) provide secure foundations. You receive a complete base with a high-quality, brushed, rustic finish. Elements are insulated and ready for laying. Supplied in L, I and U formats, the base elements come insulated with 100 mm expanded polystyrene (EPS) and are available in various sizes.

Benders’ walling range includes expanded clay blocks. These classic, ergonomic blocks are ideal for foundations, walls, garages, outdoor areas and even entire houses. The blocks have excellent properties such as low weight and good strength in relation to size. This means that building with expanded clay blocks is both rapid and easy. Furthermore, the blocks have good insulation properties and are frost-resistant. To match whatever you are building, they are available in several sizes with varying widths.

Combining Benders’ complete range of products for foundations (base elements and all their accessories included therein) and the company’s walling range (which includes expanded clay blocks, hollow blocks and hollow concrete bricks) makes all sorts of building easy. Best of all, you only need one supplier!

The figure above shows how to build using Benders’ base elements (L format) and Benders’ expanded clay blocks. Building a complete garage or house frame is easy when you combine products from Benders’ foundation and walling ranges.

Over the years, Benders has devoted itself to intensive product development. Our ranges have constantly widened and are now so comprehensive that we can proudly call ourselves a complete turnkey supplier for both private and public projects. This means that, for example, once you have completed foundations and walls, you can continue with Benders’ concrete or clay roof tiles and soon have an attractive, watertight building. When you then turn to the garden, we have paving stones and natural stone products for all tastes and styles. All you need from a single supplier!

In the articles “This is how easy it is to lay your foundations” and “This is how easy it is to build your house walls”, you will find more in-depth information on how to tackle these tasks.

NB! This information is for guidance only. Owing to geological variations in site and ground conditions, further technical factors may have to be taken into consideration. Benders’ information is free and is not to be regarded in the same way as, for example, an authoritative construction drawing. Nonetheless, the information is of great use in all relevant building projects.